About Us and Global Booksearch

A long, long time ago, we (a husband and wife team, life-long book people, expats from Silicon Valley with a 4,000 book library), purchased Peninsula Booksearch just south of San Francisco. Business was transacted with phone calls, lots of paper and snail mail. The quickest time between a search request and filling an order was measured in weeks or months.

When the cuneiform of ancient history got wiped away by the 1's and 0's of electronic systems, the stylus became a keyboard. Our new tools made processing nearly lightening fast. Now, we were finding books all over the world, so renamed our business Global Booksearch. Some 'borrowed' our name, without our permission, but they could not maintain a focus on customer service. To us books remained highly personal. The 1's and 0's, remained totally cold.

How rapidly things change!

Fast forward: now great internet tools make it possible to "do our business" and have the contact we love with customers - blog, buzz, twitter, orkut. So, the speed of filling your orders no longer means that the important personal touch is missing.

Everyone wins, hooray!

We lower overhead & meet our commitment for a tiny carbon footprint with careful recycling & reuse of shipping materials. Packaging is without compromise. We hand-carry all shipments to the PO and ship Monday through Saturday. From rare tomes to great reads, if we have the title you want, you will enjoy having purchased it from Global Booksearch! We are privileged to ship books to readers, children, scholars, entrepreneurs, students, school & university libraries + research institutions.