Friday, May 21, 2010

Melk Monastery Library, Melk, Austria

Has anyone been here?

Endangered bird species - 1977

Have your favorite feathered friends been disappearing from your birding areas?

20 of the most endangered birds from the late 1970's in the US and Canada are detailed & illustrated in color.

This is an essential book for researching the progress of recovery or the tragedy of extinction.

Utah Territory Mining Novel

From the author of "Papa Married a Mormon" comes this rough and tumble novel of the Utah Territory days.

The nostalgic vision of the settling of the US West is shattered in this gambling, saloon, gun toting, silver mining, every-man-and-woman-for-oneself story.

A short quote from the dust jacket says it all: "Once, in the booming mining town of Silver Plume, Colorado, Will had an empire within his grasp, only to lose it to his pride. Once a woman he adored was almost his, until, failing to realize that love is a shared emotion, he fatally asserted his independence. When at last he did get his empire in the untamed wilderness of the Utah Territory, he found no joy in it until redemption of his lost soul came through the devotion of a woman so unselfish that his own unbending will melted before her magnanimity."

A Woman of the Moslem Hausa

What an astonishing glimpse into a culture & life that is vanishing, if not already gone!

This autobiography of a shrewd, humorous and courageous person, Baba of Karo, is considered a classic in African studies - a unique account of Moslem society in West Africa.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Why are we doing this?


With all the books out there, why in the world would we want to be 'Talking about Books'?

After 30+ years in the book business, we have come across books that are fantastically interesting, totally obscure, uniquely odd, one-of-a-kind stapled pamphlets, self-published titles, unbelievable beautiful printings, important research tomes, and just great reads.

There are so many books, and so little time, we thought you would enjoy fascinating glances into this world.

Take a look. Enjoy!